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Katy Trail Community Health is hiring a Training and Development Specialist

    June 16, 2021

    Katy Trail Community Health is hiring for a Training and Development Specialist for Employees and Students. The Training and Development Specialist is responsible for maintaining the standards of an organization’s talent by providing comprehensive training at the start of employment, annually and as needed throughout employment. Their duties include working closely with company executives and department heads to determine areas for employee improvement, developing training courses for new and existing employees and maintaining training records. This position will also include the coordination of student clinical rotations, including training and follow-up.

    Responsibilities include:
    I.    Provide a strategic, standardized, consistent onboarding process that will result in higher rates of employee engagement, performance, and retention.
    2.   Standardize continuing education to enhance employee productivity and improve company culture by:
    * Training for new responsibilities, such as position change to management
    *  Addressing performance review findings
    * Developing soft skills
    * Conducting annual compliance refresher courses for all staff members
    3. Coordinate clinical rotations for dental and medical students to build relationships that may improve patient care, improve teamwork and collaboration through a referral network.

    To review full description, qualifications and apply, visit